Lee had us multiple offers in record time! We sold above asking and he was right there with us along the way. Selling a house built in 1927 comes with some steps that we had no idea about! Lee took care of us and we were incredibly happy with our outcome!

Brennan G. - Los Feliz, CA,

Lee was the consummate professional. I can't stress enough how great he was during our home-buying experience. My wife and I often went back and forth between full on "we need to buy now!" mode and then "ah we can wait." This went on for roughly 2 years and Lee was patient with us and always sent us listings that he thought we would be interested in. He really knows the LA market! When we finally DID find a house, Lee, held our hands (sometimes literally!) throughout the escrow process. He fought for us to make sure the necessary repairs were completed, negotiated a great price on our behalf (below asking!) and was always there every step of the way. He is a great communicator and so quick to respond to our numerous emails/phone calls/texts. As this was our first home-buying experience, my wife and I really needed someone patient and understanding and Lee truly delivered. I hope to be our new home for years to come! But when the time comes to move on, Lee will be our first call!

Rick T. - West Hollywood, CA,

I was so lucky to have worked with Lee. He was the best agent ever!!
We bought the condo which was on short. It is usually pretty hard to buy, but he made everything very easy for us (if it weren't Lee, we would not be able to buy this condo.) He is really friendly and accurate. He takes care of everything in a very timely manner.

I strongly recommend him if u r looking for an agent to buy a house or condo 🙂

Michelle K - Los Angeles, CA,

I can't say enough good things about Lee as a broker. If you go with Lee, I can totally tell you first hand that you will really like working with him.

We wound up meeting Lee because we were looking at a property where he was a seller's agent. We met with a few brokers previous to Lee to seek a home and they all seemed a little off or a bit shady. Lee is just not like that. He was always open and forthcoming and there were no red flags so we went with him.

He was always really knowledgeable about the local market around West LA, Santa Monica, Century City as well as in the overall area around LA county. In certain cases, he even helped us with listings before we could find them on Redfin or the other sites.

Not only that, but his level of service was awesome. We knew he had to be busy with other clients, but we always felt we were his most important client at all times. He would respond within minutes to almost all inquiries either through email or through texts. Whenever we needed him to help us see homes, he would be there at anytime we needed without hesitation. He also would go in lieu of us not being able to make it at times.

He had great negotiation skills with the other agents in our best interests and when it came time to close, he offered us lots of guidance from beginning to end from everything ranging from contract and escrow questions to renovation suggestions. We had a lot of issues with our lender but Lee even helped us through that process by going out of his way to interact with both the bank and the escrow company.

I'm a real stickler for service but I have to say, I could not have asked for a better broker. I will continue to tout him to anyone looking for a broker both here as well as offline. And if I personally need any other services in real estate in the future, I will no doubt go with Lee.

Ming C. - Los Angeles, CA,