Lee was my realtor when I sold my house in West Hollywood. It is/was a hot market so the property sold quickly. Over list. Lee was professional, skillful and responsive throughout the process. I would recommend Lee highly just on the service I received leading up to the sale. It was during escrow, however, when Lee really proved that I made the right choice. Lee was an aggressive advocate for me and my interests. Escrow hit a few snags with the buyer's. Lee was all over it. He kept me informed. He formulated a plan with a back up plan. He executed the plan to perfection. Result? Escrow took a little longer than it should have but I was adequately compensated for the extra days the escrow took. Lee kept me informed throughout the process. He kept up the pressure on the buyer in a professional manner. It wasn't personal. Just business. Lee is all business. You can't go wrong with Lee Wasser. If I ever need a realtor again in Hollywood, Lee is my first call.

Azusa O. - West Hollywood, CA,